Great News

Something amazing happened! Around Christmas time, I painted something fun and geeky for my one my best friends – or should I say “geekmate”. I was nervous, as I always am when painting something, and especially when I am giving it away as a present. I really wanted her to love it. And she did! She was so happy with it that she immediately posted pictures of it on social media. And the response was pretty great! One of her friends saw it and shared the picture with her daughter – a real mini-geek in the making! After seeing her daughter enthusiasm towards my painting, and art in general, she contacted me and inquired about getting a custom painting made for the little girl’s birthday.

I have to admit, I haven’t done commission work in a very VERY long time. So in order to make sure that the painting would be up to the little girl’s standards, and up to my standards as well, I spent a lot of time deciding what to do, sketching, playing with the color scheme. I finally got a good idea going, but I needed to make sure that my nerves would not take over! As usual, the little voices in my head were trying to bring me down: “what if it’s not good enough?”, “what if she doesn’t like it”, even worse “what if she doesn’t recognize what I painted?”.

Now, I know I’m a nervous wreck in general! That’s why art and painting is so important to me. It keeps me happy, centered and “relatively” sane - a little crazy and weird is good for the soul, and good for artists in general! So going into this project acknowledging that it was going to be challenge, made it a more attainable goal for me.

I am now about 80% finished and quite happy with it. Weird, right? Me? Happy with a painting I’m doing? Shocking! I still have plenty to do and I could still mess up. But at least I am believing in my abilities this time. And I know I will be bringing a smile on a very special little girl’s face and that drives me to do better!